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House of Trusted Handyman | To fit a shower
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To fit a shower


16 Jan To fit a shower

To fit a shower is very important to know if : is a power shower or electric shower. There are very important differences and probably the most noticeable are : the pump [the electrical one does not have it] and the way they are “fed” [power shower is fed with both cold and hot water on the other hand the electrical shower is fed only with cold water]. Most of the plumbers are presenting previous projects and prices on their respective jobs. They include also what had been required and by case if they provided the shower including the labor fees. Now you can start to think what else should be included  the costs and time estimates. If is a power shower then we should look if there are any cabling and pipework to be considered. Wall tiles damage included? Well include that too. Important to note that presented considerations are not complete. In the case of the power shower you should consider if it is required to move doors, rerouting and connect the waste  to new drain positions; fixings and wood panels; ;fit a new quadrant shower tray; seal shower and skirting. Is there and extractor fan to be added? Then let’s consider this too.

Not the last we should understand that no job in the bathroom is mess free and there is waste to be disposed of. This increases the price of the job. You can hire a skip and then the overall price is lower than when you let the plumber do it for you.

As you can see are many  considerations to have in mind and therefore we do recommend a honest and trusted conversation with your plumber about the job.