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House of Trusted Handyman | Average cost of repair
Average cost of the repair
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Do you have an average cost of a repair?

Watersky House Of Trusted Handyman

13 May Do you have an average cost of a repair?

Not necessary. Based on the type of job and availability we have different charging rates. It is very important to understand that every job is different from another and this is determined by the:

  1. what is broken
  2. where is broken
  3. how bad is broken

Is the shower? Is the sink? Is a pipe? We need to determine what is actually broken.

Is the shower hose? Is the shower outlet elbow? Where is broken? We need to determine where is broken if our customer cannot describe the issues clearly.

Is the shower hose cracked? Is the shower outlet elbow leaking water bit no signs of crack?

Visual inspection needs to take place.