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House of Trusted Handyman | Questions and Answers
All answers to the questions related to general services, gardening activities, decoration, plumbing, carpentry, odd jobs, cleaning, windows, doors, conservatories, ceilings, walls, partitioning and extensions, wall and floor tiling.
questions, answers, handymand, decoratinng, plumbing, carpentry and odd jobs, cleaning, windows, doors, conservatories, ceilings, walls, partitioning, extensions, wall and floor tiling
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Questions and Answers

Insights, Answers and Opinions for Customer Understanding


16 Jan To fit a shower

To fit a shower is very important to know if : is a power shower or electric shower. There are very important differences and probably the most noticeable are : the pump [the electrical one does not have it] and the way they are “fed” [power shower is fed with both cold and hot water on the other hand the electrical shower is fed only with cold water]. Most of the plumbers are presenting previous projects and prices on their respective jobs. They include also what had been required and by case if they provided the shower including the labor fees. Now you can start to think what else should be included  the costs and time estimates. If is a power shower then we should look if there are any cabling and pipework to be considered. Wall tiles damage included? Well include that too. Important to note that presented considerations are not complete. In the case of the power shower you should consider if it is required to move doors, rerouting and connect the waste  to new drain positions; fixings and wood panels; ;fit a new quadrant shower tray; seal shower and skirting. Is there and extractor fan to be added? Then let’s consider this too. Not the last we should understand that no job in the bathroom is mess free and there is waste to be disposed of. This increases the price of the job. You can hire a skip and then the overall price is lower than when you let the plumber do...

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05 Oct Do plumbers charge?

Impossible to have a price. All depends on the job. There are simple jobs where the plumbers can do miracles on low labor prices or complex jobs where is required the help of an electrician or a builder. Is very important to understand that is not very easy to have “on the phone” exact estimation. Is it important for everyone involved to have a proper understanding of the situation?...

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19 Sep Can you match their quotation?

I have another quotation from other plumber but I prefer you to complete the works. Can you match their quotation? That depends. It does not hurt to ask. Everybody has his one price list and therefore I have preferred to have one that will not hide anything from my customers. ...

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06 Jun How much will my job cost?

Due to the nature of plumbing work, and the extreme differences of individual homes, I am unable to provide estimates or job costing without a having first assessed the job site. I will happily come to your house, assess the job requirements and then give you a price prior to starting.    ...

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Watersky House Of Trusted Handyman

13 May Do you have an average cost of a repair?

Not necessary. Based on the type of job and availability we have different charging rates. It is very important to understand that every job is different from another and this is determined by the: what is broken where is broken how bad is broken Is the shower? Is the sink? Is a pipe? We need to determine what is actually broken. Is the shower hose? Is the shower outlet elbow? Where is broken? We need to determine where is broken if our customer cannot describe the issues clearly. Is the shower hose cracked? Is the shower outlet elbow leaking water bit no signs of crack? Visual inspection needs to take place.  ...

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25 Apr I have the required materials for the job. Can I be charged only for the labor?

Yes, you will be charged only for the labor in case that you source the parts/materials yourself. However, you need to confirm that you'd like to be fit or used.   We know and we understand our customers when it comes to materials list for a delicate work and therefore we are not considering any second thoughts not to use the materials. As expected we need to see the materials and agree upon the usage. In case that you need more materials please be assured that we are going to give you the right advice....

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24 Feb What is the response time on customer inquiries?

The response time for any job via email is less than 5 hours. However, sometimes it could take more than that in case we are busy with another job.  We will try to fit everyone as best possible into the working schedule or visiting for quotation activities.  In our lunch break, we check regularly our email but this is not necessarily an activity we do with passion: we do our job with passion. Please hang on there we'll be back to you as quickly we can. We do not want to disappoint anybody....

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24 Feb What areas are our services available?

We try to cover an area of 10 miles radius of Norwich including North Walsham, Holt, Fakenham, East Dereham, Wymondham, Bungay, Beccles, Diss, Wymondham. We would like to mention that we are trying to answer to all our customers who are outside the main area. In all cases, we'll try to respond to any inquiries and advice our customers on their best interests even if we could not intervene....

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