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To fit a kitchen


03 Mar To fit a kitchen

Is your kitchen small? Large? It’s a full redesign or just replacement? It looks like there some questions that have been already answered for you and the price mostly is around the size of the kitchen and not on the other considerations. The price can be based on the small [10′ x 6′ (3.05m x 1.83m)], medium [0’10” x 10′ 7” (3.30m x 3.22m).] and large [ 17′ 6” x 12′ (5.33m x 3.66m)] kitchens. This included removal of the cabinets and install the new ones. Please be aware that waste disposal is also charged. Still you have to consider the number of cabinets. On the top of this no decoration is taken in account. Alternatively you can replace the cupboard but then the same equation gets in for kitchen size: small, medium and large. Have you consider the tilling? No! Well that also will increase the price of the job. Is this only about the worktops replacement? Then is not a problem the price is as low as can be for the job.  

As you can see there are so many conditions to have the kitchen fitted. A sacred place of the house and for the family cannot have details neglected. You should have first your plumber have an estimation and a clear assessment of the job details. Risk should be discussed and nothing let to the interpretation.