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About Us

Open Heart Thoughts

Recommended handyman. Passionate. Dedicated.

These are the attributes that drive us. These are the attributes that we bring to our work everyday.

We are passionate about the job we do. DIY is a serious matter nowadays. You cannot be a DIY handyman without knowing a few things and being efficient about what you need to do.

Every nail or stud needs to be put in the right place. Every pipe and tube needs to be harmoniously fitted together. When you move house it’s required to take care of every detail without breaking anything.

We dedicated to perform our best. We are “roll up your sleeves” kind of persons who makes work a priority and who believes wholeheartedly in my handyman mission.

We would like to take the opportunity to share more of our passion, dedication and know-how in person for any wishes or problems on:

Moving House

Assembly of flat-pack furniture to building fitted wardrobes.

Installing washing machine, hanging blinds or tiling a bathroom

Changing a light fitting or the decoration and refurbishment of your home.

Gardening : mow the lawn ,hedge trimming, gutters cleared out

Fence and shed painting

and much more

As we always say:

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist it takes a handyman.

We can do most of the handyman jobs around your home at a fraction of the cost of some handyman companies. We are local therefore we cannot afford to ruin our reputation. We are clean, tidy and will respect your home at all times.

We are offering free advice and you can ring our emergency phone until 9pm 7 days a week to discuss your requirements.

We would like to thank you for reading so far.

Respectfully Yours,

Trusted Handyman

Skill Set
Moving House0%
Assembly of flat-pack0%
Changing light fitting0%
Interior/Exterior painting0%
Fill cracks and holes0%
Toilet siphon/fittings0%
House/garage clearance0%